5 Places in Nairobi Where to Get PR0STITUTES Any Time Of The Day


1. Low end estates 
These women are now plying their trade during the day in estates across Nairobi. Some even masquerade as ‘mama wa kuosha nguo’ but then go on to offer more services. The estate ones are among the most affordable. For as little as 100 bob, you could bang a humble looking chic. Shocking indeed.

2. Bars and clubs 
There’s always that one hot skimpily dressed girl sipping on her beer, seated by the counter or on a table alone. Such a girl is always surveying the area, giving suggestive looks and inviting clients to take action. All you have to do is buy her a drink and press a few notes on her palm while talking to her and the tale continues……., she’ll allow you to do anything you like. This includes f!ng3ring her. Your can do in the car or lodging.

3. Red Light Streets 
The kinds of pr0stitutes who roam these streets are also called ‘malaya wa kupigwa na upepo’. Koinange Street used to be the capital street for finding pr0stitut3s but nowadays, the babes are placing themselves all over town. Leave a club at 3 a:m in the night and you will see them negotiating with clients in various streets from Moi Avenue to River-road.

4. Massage Parlours 
Most massage parlors in Nairobi offer s3x services for an extra fee. When you pay the standard fee, you will just get the normal services but inside the room, the masseuse will suggest to you that there are extra services available if you can cough up more notes. You are also at liberty to place an order for the mobile service ladies who can come to your home to give you the ‘massage’

5. Riveroad buildings 
Most buildings in the downtown area of Nairobi have dens for pr0stitut3s.. These are not so easy to spot as only regular clients are aware. It is very much possible to find a shop with many ladies and lodge rooms at the back.


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