Psychic Powers in Africa: Do they Exist?

Sangoma in South Africa

Almost 90% of South Africa’s population consults a traditional healer regularly. It can be traditional healer (sangoma) or a traditional diviner (nyanga). This type of healing is not considered as a religion but as cosmology. This traditional African healing tells us that the psychological, physical, ancestral and spiritual worlds are all connected. It also says that traditional healers are the mediums that the world uses to communicate with them in this world.

Traditional healers always welcome visitors to attend their healing ceremonies that happen throughout the year in both the rural and urban parts of the country. In these ceremonies, the nyangas and sangomas both enter a state of trance where they commune with their ancestors and the spirit world.

These traditional healers believe that their ancestors have chosen them to follow their calling which is to practice traditional healing in South Africa. They base everything on this call and if it is not answered, they believe that there is something negative about the person like an illness, stability or insanity.

To become a Sangoma, you have to go through the twasa which is a very long journey full of hardships, overpowering visions and personal confrontations to prepare them for their vocation. It is their job to act as a medium between the physical an spirit worlds so they can discover the hidden cause behind a person’s illness and give the appropriate action. If you are planning to go to a traditional healer for medical purposes, you need to have a guide that you trust. It is also important to remember that not all of them are skilled or ethical.

Although there are some differences between Psychics found in Africa and those that are found in America, they do share some common things. Both parties believe that they can communicate with the spiritual world and sometimes go on a trance to speak to people that have already passed away or are already living in a different world. They believe that they have powers and are different from normal people.

Because America is a modern country, psychics use different methods to perform their readings. They have different types of cards and objects that they use for their clients compared to African psychics who mostly use their psychic abilities at work.

American psychics also do this with some of their clients wherein they go into a trance or just predict their client’s past, present and future by just touching them.

The biggest difference between psychics found in the US and those found in South Africa is that those found in the US do not offer medical advice or any type of medical prescription. American psychics only give life, love and even career advice to those who seek their guidance. Love advice is common as well as futuristic questions. All medical related problems like physical illness and psychological problems are handled by medical professionals and practitioners.

This is because psychics are not trained to resolve health problems or even have the knowledge to give any prescription as to what the medication the patient needs. African psychics, however, think that they have the gift to heal people based on their beliefs.


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