DR Congo Puts Pause on Astrazeneca Vaccine


The DR Congo will postpone its vaccination campaign using the AstraZeneca jab, following other countries taking similar precautionary measures, the government said on Saturday.

The Democratic Republic of Congo had received 1.7 million doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 made by Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca and was due to start its campaign on March 15.

Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria and Iceland have paused using the shot as a precaution over blood clot fears and an Indian official on Saturday said the country would carry out a deeper review of its post-vaccination side effects.

The World Health Organization has said that no causal link has been established between the AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clotting.

The company says the jab is safe and that “no evidence” exists of higher risk of blood clots.

The DR Congo minister said the new date for the vaccination campaign would be announced shortly, after results of the national and international investigations were available.


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