Eight Injured as Gaaga Bus Knocks Elephant Dead


NWOYA- Eight people have been admitted to hospital in critical condition after a speeding Gaaga bus they were traveling in, knocked dead an elephant in the Murchison Falls National Park in North Eastern Uganda.

This nasty accident occurred on Wednesday night at about 11:40pm in a location called Got Apwoyo Sub-county in Nwoya District, Northern Uganda.

The accident happened a few metres from Pakwach Bridge on the Karuma- Pakwach Highway.

The elephant which was crossing the Karuma-Pakwach highway from Murchison Falls National Park was knocked dead by a speeding bus that belong to Gaga Bus.

Mr. Twaha Karim, the bus driver, was among the people who were injured and rushed to Arua Hospital and Pakwach Hospital.


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