Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania


Looking over the most exciting volcanic caldera in South Africa, the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge sits on the high rim of the crater of the same name. It is the home of the incredible accommodations amidst majestic surroundings on the largest intact caldera on the planet, vital one in the state’s northern safari circuit. This lodge is so beautifully placed as well as made that many have dubbed it as the eight wonder of the world. So, it is needless to say that the surroundings are already in the list of World Heritage Site; whose spectacular vistas are offered by this luxury lodge.

On this planet, there are certain sites that are worthy for experiencing the charm all alone and one of these is the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge discriminated by its rare fusion of setting with style. Sculpted on the topmost rim, the lodge is an inspiring sanctuary of gourmet delights, fresh roses, samovars, fire bowls, and crafts.

In this private, but luxury lodge, there are 30 round suites reflecting the famous Maasai mud-and-stick built up, balcony decks, and chimneys. To ensure more privacy, suites are split into three camps namely, Tree with 6 and North as well as South with 12 suites. No matter which you choose, each of them is opulently endowed with Tanzanian hardwood floors, paneled walls, leather-backed chairs, hand-beaded chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling windows, silk curtains, decks, gilded mirrors, butler’s area, and a fireplace. Further, there are en suite bathrooms adorned with a chandelier-lit bathtub, fresh red roses, and antique atmosphere. And yes, all offers the great vistas of the Crater floor. There is always a personal butler who ignites the fire, draws the bath, and changes the red roses with the fresh ones.

Each camp is well equipped with sitting room, outdoor dining area, domed dining room with place of fire, viewing decks, banana bark woven ceilings, carved wall plaques, Persian carpets, brocade sofas, and silver, crystal, as well as giant wooden platters. Right from the bedroom to bathroom, the camps here cherish a phenomenal experience featuring the splendor of the vistas.

Game drives from early morning in special roofed vehicles with an expert ranger by descending in the scenic crater via lush forests, buffalo and elephants are a must here. The moment you go inside, you really start to wonder at the unbelievable landscape, grassy crater floor, tree forest, marshes, and the banks of Lake Magadi. When afternoon becomes too warm, lunch comes to you in a picnic style where you are seated amidst the natural wonders as well as exceptional wildlife. Then, you can freely roam in this rarely seen paradise.

A trip to the rich, 3-million old Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area is a must, which is a wild gem to explore where humanity and wildlife live incredibly in harmony. Other tours include tailored Tanzanian safaris with private safaris, breakfast or lunch on the crater floor featuring natural vistas along with the butler service, Ngorongoro Crater excursion at sunset, greeting with the traditional Maasai warriors with torches as well as traditional dances, Oldevai Gorge tour with a private vehicle, walking on the cater rim or Empakaai Crater, and dining at the table lightened by a chandelier, candles, and white linens amidst colored roses.

From $720 in March to May and November to December to $1500 in July and August; which include daily three meals, laundry, teas, coffees, soft drinks, medical aid insurance, and scheduled safaris

Reaching here
The Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is nestled on the crater’s southern edge, which is accessible by the scheduled flights daily. For this, you need to first reach the Arusha Airport from where a flight takes you to the Manyara Airstrip. From here, you then enjoy a scenic drive of 2 hours along with the wildlife spotting.


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