Traffic Tips for Driving in Rwanda


Rwanda is relatively safe compared to other countries. Driving in Rwanda is absolutely an exciting experience but requires some braveness while you are behind the wheels. For starters, higher chances are that you will face challenge driving in Rwanda’s roads as most of them are not yet to the standards of say United States or England. To get the best of your self drive experience in Rwanda, take a look at significant road safety rules and traffic tips for driving.

Driving in Rwanda always requires you to keep left and speed limit in town areas shouldn’t be over 40kms per hour and 60kms per hour in provinces.

Plastics are not tolerated, therefore do not dump rubbish anyhow while driving in Rwanda or else you will be penalized. The government of Rwanda banned all non-degradable polyethylene plastic bags in 2008.

Be prepared to drive along several terrains in Rwanda. Driving in Rwanda is amazing since most of its routes have been paved.

To drive in Rwanda, you should be at least 18 years that is for categories A and B and 20 for categories C, D, E and F.

Make sure that you have a valid driver license or international driving permit, car registration documents as well as car insurance certificates.

Do not drive at night in Rwanda-this is dangerous.

Do not drive when you are drunk. The legal blood alcohol level in Rwanda is 0.08 percent and random breath testing is done by police.

Road safety rules and regulations in Rwanda

Before you embark on a self-drive tour or guided tour, be aware of traffic rules to avoid being taken by surprise by presence of traffic officers. Road safety in Rwanda is governed by the traffic and road safety Act.

Drivers should keep left when driving and if you are not familiar with road rules please rent a car and driver and still enjoy your road trip at your own pace.

The speed limit in town areas is 40kms per hour and 60kms per hour in provinces.

To drive in Rwanda, you need a valid local or international driving permit/license.

Driving tips before starting a car hire

  • Check out the blinkers for proper operation.
  • Cross check if the tyres are inflated well.
  • Prior driving a rental car please do some simple safety check
  • Turn on the lights and move around to ascertain if all lights are working.
  • When you enter into the car please adjust all mirrors and seats prior starting it.

Driving tips while your rental car is moving

  • Turn your head to check no one is coming prior joining the road.
  • Take note of traffic lights-green color is always for you to look left and right, straight then left once more prior proceeding.
  • Always be on seat belts and put on your seat belt before starting your car
  • Make sure that the headlights are on and the car is visible 4 times the distance with its headlights on
  • Please indicate in case you need to make a stopover.
  • Keep within driving speed limit.


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