The Memorable Experience on Lake Edward

Lake Edward of Uganda

My other amazing moments in the past three days were driven from two young tourists; Teresa and John Paul, whom I had to travel with the whole team. Our tour started around 9 am from Rukungiri Bugangari , through Queen Elizabeth Game Park, to Rweshama fishing site on lake Edward; where we enjoyed fishing exercise for about one hour.

We then bordered a boat for cruising from Rweshama through Lake Edward to Kazinga channel; which took us about three hours. Along this cruise, there is a lot to admire and enjoy watching, like going through hippos, watching elephants, the tour activities at Mweya site, different birds and the beautiful surrounding of Queen Elizabeth National park.

After reaching Katwe, definitely we needed something to eat for lunch and the delicacy of Katwe is fish. You don’t want to know this! Better if you get there live. After lunch, we couldn’t Miss the beautiful nature of Lake Katwe, where salt mining is the largest activity in the area. Our eyes couldn’t blink due to the amazing things that we found at Lake Katwe. We took about an hour on this land of surprises and next was to have our return to Rweshama fishing site.


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