Best Van Rentals in Rwanda


Are you planning to rent a car in Rwanda and you do not which one is the best? Have you ever used a van or you are looking for one to hire for your safari in Rwanda? Well, our fleet of vans come in different sizes and they range from the usual vans to minivans as well as full size for you to hire and can be hired for vacation in any part of Rwanda. We offer van hire services for visitors on Rwanda safari and depending on your travel interests in this magical and mysterious country, our van rentals are luxurious and offer you that total comfort and luxurious room for you to stretch legs and also adequate space for your cargo. Our van fleet include;

Passenger Vans

For those of you who are interested in passenger vans and you are within Kampala, our passenger vans are the best for you to rent for your vacation. We are available 24/7 to help you navigate to that dream destination at a right time and you can hire one at a relatively cheaper price.

15 passenger vans

Depending on what your travel interests are and number of people you intend to move with, we have many 15 passenger vans and all of them are very ideal for large family trips or if you are planning to travel as youths, sports teams and others. Our vans are pocket friendly and we offer the best for you to live within your dreams.

Cargo van hire

In case you have heavy luggage and looking for the best solution then the best you can do is simply find our cargo vans. Our cargo van rentals are reliable, simple, pocket friendly and relieve you from any stress. They come with adequate space for you to transport your goods and very easy for you load and off load. What stresses people more is landing into a destination and they become stranded with cargo but with our excellent cargo van rentals, we have you covered up.

Omnibus vehicles

If you are searching for the best omnibus car for your safari in Rwanda or if you are planning to travel with your family our omnibus car rentals are the best for you realize your dreams in Rwanda. We provide many kinds of omnibus vehicles for you to rent and they are ideal for wildlife viewing experiences in the savanna grassland protected areas.


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