Top 10 Cars Hired Out in Rwanda


Looking to exploring Rwanda but wondering about which car to use for your travel? We have reviewed some of the best cars for travels in this mountaineous country. Choose from the wide array of car rentals and explore the land of a thousand hills in a new way. Here are the top 10 rated vehicles that you can think about hiring a car in Rwanda for your travel or occasion;

4×4 Toyota Rav4

Our Toyota Rav4s are compact and best of the small SUVs. They are perfect car rentals if you plan a self drive tour, conference meetings, picnic tours, weekend getaway, camping, or business tours in Rwanda. They are spacious for your cargo, for you to stretch your legs. Besides, they have the best fuel consumption rate. They accommodate up to 4-5 people and consist of air conditioner.

Toyota Land Cruiser TX

Book our luxurious and comfortable 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers TX and enjoy your road trip to different part in Rwanda without any worries.  Our Toyota Land Cruisers TX takes 5 visitors and consists of air conditioners. Choose from our Toyota Land Cruisers-diesel and petrol-manual or automatic transmission.

Roof tent Land Cruisers Prado TZ

Rent Roof Tent Land Cruisers Prado TZ and enjoy your wildlife tours in Rwanda’s Akagera National Park in a new style. Our Roof Tent Land Cruisers Prado TZ are spacious and you do not have to worry about where your cargo will be.

Roof tent Land Cruisers V8/VX

Reserve our Roof Tent Land Cruisers V8 with Camping gear and get the best of your safari in Rwanda.

Coaster Bus

We have the best Mini buses for hire especially for group safaris. They take about 23 people and they come with air conditioners, MP3 and CD player.

4X4 Toyota Prado with Sunroof

Our 4×4 Toyota Prado car rentals take five visitors and they come with adequate room for your cargo.

Luxury Land Cruisers V8

Our luxury Land Cruisers V8 are exceptional luxury large SUV Class. They are built in such a way that they can tackle any kind of terrain. They have the best interior and they come in automatic transmission.

Toyota Prado

We have the best Toyota Prado for your road trips in Rwanda. They accommodate up to 5 people and they come with air conditioner. Choose from either manual or automatic transmission.

4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top

Get the best of our 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top and embark on safari in Rwanda in comfortable way. Our 4 wheel drive Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top takes between 6 and 9 people.  They come in manual transmission, spare tires, lift jack, mini fridge, and ideal for wildlife safaris.

4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top Extended

Book our luxurious 4 wheel drive Toyota Land Cruisers Hard Top Extended cars and get a reward of Rwanda road trip. They are comfortable and take between 6 and 8 people. They come with a mini fridge, air conditioner and you can get it at pocket friendly price.

Super Custom

Our medium size Toyota Super Customs are well maintained, comfortable and they take about 8 visitors. They are diesel powered engines with AC, luxurious to offer you that total comfortable while on a road trip in Rwanda. They are a perfect way to get around Kigali and several parts in Rwanda.

Saloon Cars such as Toyota Coronas; Our Toyota Coronas have a capacity of 4 and consist of air conditioner, airbags, CD player, and comes in manual or automatic transmission.

Safari Vans

Our Mini Vans take about 8 people. They consist of Air Conditioner, adequate space, pop up, roof rack and they are good for safaris in Rwanda.

Toyota Premo

Interested in city drive? Book one of our luxurious Toyota Premo cars and embark on road trip in Kigali in comfortable way. Our Toyota Premo cars have airbags, centralized door lock and-both manual and automatic transmission.


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